New Zealand Business Visa For Indians

Business visa for New Zealand

Nowadays many of them are looking to expand their business and to move different countries, well, most of them might be interested to invest in developing countries while some might think to invest in the developed countries. The choice of making investment depends upon the perception of the businessman. New Zealand is the one of the countries where one can invest.

If one can make an investment in New Zealand the applicant should contribute a suitable amount which is decided by the New Zealand government. The decision will be taken as per the ownership in the existing business. The immigration consultant can help people to make a right decision.

Migrate To New Zealand

Who are looking for an opportunity to migrate to New Zealand in search of better business development opportunities can either apply for the investor plus category or long term business visa category. These two plans are best categories which are suitable for a new Zealand business immigration program.

In Investor plus category there are two types of visa for which you can apply for. These are called investor plus or investor visa. The first category is the minimum investment made must be the amount of NZ$ 10 million at least for three years. In the second category the minimum investment should be NZ$1.5 million for at least four years.

Based on the investment criteria, there are several requirements which can be fulfilled by the applicant. Those who are applying for investor category must below 65 years. While those who are applying for investor plus category have no age limit.

For investor plus category there is no business experience required and for the other applicants must have experience of minimum three years.

Other than the age criteria and the settlement criteria must also be fulfilled. Who are applying for investor category must have the settlement fund amount to NZ$1 million, and there is no requirement of the settlement funds for investor plus category.

Who are looking to apply for the long term business visa category must fist submit the required documents like the ownership in the existing business, health reports , character reports, English language requirement, and few others. The most important document is the business proposal or the business plan.

The Business proposal must include all the details about the type of business to be established in the nation and the other details, which can be the amount of the money to be invested and the place where the business plant will be established. With these details there are some of the other details also for which the business plan must have.

One of the most important is to have funds for which the live property in the country. These fund excluded from the investment made. If all the requirements are fulfilled, the new Zealand government will grant the visa for 9 months which will give a chance to the applicant to start the business. Before nine months, one must give detailed report about the business development and then you will given a long term business visa.

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