More money to support immigrant women


More money to support immigrant women

More money to support immigrant women

In the federal budget for 2018, the government of Canada has committed historic amounts of money to help women enter the workforce. This includes more than $30 million specifically dedicated to helping newcomer women with finding employment in Canada!

Canada’s federal budget was released on February 27th, 2018. The budget is strongly committed to supporting equality between men and women, including a number of measures to support women who want to join the workforce. The government recognizes that immigrant women have unique needs when they arrive in Canada. For this reason, the government has dedicated $31.8 million for programs to help newcomer women of visible minority communities.

The government has promised funds to help newcomer women gain the skills needed to find work in Canada. One program supported by the funds will be language training. The funds will also support affordable childcare, so mothers can ensure their children are well cared for while they are working. While the government has not released full details about all programs supported by the funds, it is clear that immigrant women will have incredible opportunities in Canada in the coming years!

“Employment is key to the successful integration of newcomers to Canada, supporting their financial independence and allowing them to make social connections and retain and build job skills,” the government states in the federal budget. “However, newcomers sometimes face significant barriers to finding and keeping good jobs, including language challenges, lack of Canadian experience, a lack of social networks and, in some cases, discrimination.” With the dedication of these new funds, newcomer women will be able to overcome these hurdles and establish successful lives in Canada!


In addition to the measures specific to women, the federal budget also outlined nearly $440 million to support Canada’s increased immigration quotas. The government has committed to welcoming almost 1 million new immigrants over the next three years. By directing nearly half a billion dollars of funding towards immigration, Canada is proving its dedication to new immigrants.

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