The border crossing card is required for the people who are willing to travel to Mexico with the necessary documents suggested by the high commission. The applicant who is applying foe border crossing card to Canada should be a Mexican resident or holder of Mexican passport. From the year of 2013 the total area allowed for the individual to cover the Mexican region has been increased from twenty two miles to fifty five miles which gives the applicant some sort of freedom to enter the United States of America via land route which would also help you to cover cities like New Mexico and Deming .The Restriction is limited to seventy five miles within the region of Arizona.

Some people confuse border crossing card to Green card of United States of America. This card is usually laminated and resembles the driving licence card of United States of America. The Border Crossing has restrictions regarding the work which the applicant can take up when he or she is in United States of America and usually valid only for a period of thirty days from the date of issue.

The applicant who desires to have a border crossing card should either have a business or any land, property in Mexico. Financial ability of the applicant should be strong enough to maintain himself during his visit to Mexico. Many people mostly mistake the ten year validity of the Border crossing card of Mexico to the validity until which they can stay in United States of America. If the applicant unknowingly stays back in Untied States of America thinking that his border crossing card is valid for ten years then it is regarded as unlawful presence in United States of America.

There is also something called as SENTRI pass which is required to be carried by the applicant who wishes to travel to Mexico from USA. If you have this SENTRI Pass then it enables the applicant a speedy entry at both the ports without many hassles.

The process for applying for SENTRI Pass involves 6 steps:-

  • There is an online application form which needs to be filled if the applicant wishes to apply for SENTRI Pass.
  • The online visa fee payment is usually done through PayPal portal.
  • The completed form be taken print out off and that has to be sent via email to IVT
  • All the Personal information has to be entered to the US-Mexico border authority who maintains the database.
  • An acknowledgement will be sent to the applicant from the immigration authorities after the payment of fees.


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