Ireland Start-Up Entrepreneur Visa

Ireland Start-Up Entrepreneur Visa

Ireland, the world’s wealthiest country offers you jobs in Pharmaceuticals, health industry, It industry, Agrochemical industry, petroleum products industry, textiles, Cattle, beef and aluminum produce, located in between European countries and USA and Canada. The fast-growing country is the only English speaking country in the region. After getting a job and settle in the country, you can access around 500 million people market. The country is the largest exporter of Pharmacy products and IT related products and services to the developed nations. The catholic Christian country is a safe haven in the world.

The Irish government has launched a program in 2012 to invite entrepreneurs to start businesses in the country with a minimum capital of 75,000 euros, this is a very low amount needed to start a business in a developed country. You don’t have to have a previous business experience to start a business in the country. Initial visa will be given for two years period and the same can be extended for further 3 years. After 5 years in Ireland, you are eligible to get a PR visa, in which you can add your family members and dependents. Family members and dependents are eligible to get a PR visa along with you. The government allows non-euro zone nationals to start businesses in the country.

Eligibility conditions

You need to invest at least 75,000 Euros in the capital and it can be of your own or a loan from other financial means. The financial record must be shown for 3 months before the visa application date and the funds have to be eligible for transfer to Ireland if allowed to start a business. The business proposal has to be approved by the authorities and need to be a highly potential business start-up. The business proposal should create a sale of 1 million Euros and provide employment for at least 10 people in Ireland within 3-4 years of business in the country.

The business has to serve international business services. Businesses with international access potential are only be considered by the authorities. The applicant must meet health standards and good character requirements set by the country. Retail, personal and hospitality services are not eligible to get a business opportunity in the country. The opportunity to invest a low amount to get an entry is a positive signal, but you need to prove the business is a profitable one within the 5 years period, that is before the renewal time of the initially extended visa period.

The Family of the entrepreneur also can get a chance to visit and live with him/her in Ireland. The applicant has to support himself on living expenses and other health related expenses. He/she should be a burden to the state of Ireland on the facilities offered to the citizens of the country.

List of high Potential start-up businesses in the Ireland

IT and BPOs

Software services to the international businesses

Healthcare, medical and Pharmaceutical industries

Engineering and electronics as well as a clean technology related businesses.

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