How to Obtain the Australia Sports Visa and Entertainment Visa

Obtaining a Sports Visa for Australia 

Introduction Sporting & Entertainment Visas

Immigration Matters is able to help out you with a wide range of visas modified to your individual sporting needs. Whether you are a company or an personality, a immigration Matters consultant can propose a suitable visa for you or your staff. We can assist with temporary or permanent relocations and visa advice.


At immigration Matters we can assist you with our dedicated services for the Sports and amusement Industry. If you are paying attention in travelling to Australia to get pleasure from a working holiday or if you have a more permanent move in mind Migration Matters can assist you or your company.

For people wishing to approach to Australia for additional than three months, there are a choice of provisional residence visas available. Sponsorship from an Australian association or prospective employer may be required.

There are temporary residence visas available to cover the following:

  • Sport: for amateur or professional sports people (players, coaches, instructors, trainees, judges and adjudicators) to compete against Australian residents and improve the quality of a sport in Australia through participation in high-level competition and training. Applicants (apart from trainees) wanting to join an Australian sporting club must have the ability to participate at the Australian national level or higher. Trainees must be currently competing at the national level or higher in their home country. Contact a Migration Matters consultant to day for further information: 
  • Media and film staff: for correspondents and other professional media staff posted to Australia by overseas news organizations, and photographers and film and television teams making documentaries or commercials exclusively for overseas markets. 
  • Entertainment/cultural: for people involved in the entertainment industry and in cultural events and activities. The need to protect the employment of Australians in the industry is taken into account when such a visa grant is being considered.
  • Temporary residence visas are also available for StudyWorking holiday makers (WHM) and Employment. 
  • Exchange Visa: The exchange visa allows for the temporary stay of skilled people wanting to come to Australia to broaden their work experience and skills under reciprocal arrangements, which allow Australian residents similar opportunities overseas. It includes people seeking entry under certain bilateral exchange agreements. 
  • A letter of invitation is required from the organization offering the position. Visa condition 8107 applies. 
  • Public Lecturer Visa: The Public Lecturer visa allows a temporary stay of professional lecturers or subject experts invited to make public presentations in Australia.
    A letter of invitation is required for stays of up to 3 months or if entering under a bilateral agreement. Sponsorship is required for stays of more than 3 months. Visa condition 8107 applies.

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