How to increase your CRS score for Canada Immigration

How to Increase your CRS Score?

How to Increase your CRS Score?

How to Increase your CRS Score?

There are various ways you can increase your CRS Score. Am not sure which way you will feel better but below are some of the main factors which can help you in order to Increase your CRS Score as well as your FSWP points so that you can qualify for Canada Express Entry Programme.

  1. Your Education.
  2. Your Work Experience.
  3. Your IELTS.
  4. Your NOC.
  5. Your Age
  6. Your Spouse Details.

Your Education: If you have done your Education and have a Masters Degree you will be acquiring highest points. Most of the applicant who apply for Canada Express Entry are from Bachelors Degree. No Matter if you are having a bachelors degree you can still maintain your points by having high work experience instead of wasting your money and time by doing Masters.

Your Work Experience: This is the most important Part of Express Entry. If you need good CRS Score you have to increase the number of years of work experience. When you check your CRS Score in CIC Website, the maximum number of years they ask for is 3 years or more, except if you have worked there in Canada. As the number of Work Experience is increased your CRS Score also get an increase which increases the chance of getting ITA very soon.

Your IELTS: The required IELTS score for Canada PR is 7778 i.e. Listening: 8, Reading: 7, Writing: 7, Speaking: 7.Many candidates go one repeating the exam again and again so that they can acquire the required score but it gets very much difficult for them to do so. We can also say that the main reason for this is because they have left their studies long back and started working which breaks the link between their studies.

Candidates living in their hometown usually speak in their own language and after studies; they talk in the same language even in their working atmosphere which makes them difficult to bring the same tune which used to be before. Hence they struggle to overcome their English weakness and go on repeating the exam again. I would recommend them to please take some time, practice as much you can and don’t rush to give your exam. Be confident before to book your exam dates.

Your NOC: This is also one of the most important part. I have seen many a time that a candidate who has good IELTS score and good Work Experience doesn’t get selected or get nomination easily. Many a time it happens that even having low CRS score candidate get nomination very quickly while some are going on waiting in the pool with a high CRS score for their ITA since long.

This is because of their Low NOC Popularity. Yes the NOC Popularity I mean to say the NOC which are most in demand in Canada is getting nomination very quickly even if they have low CRS score. I would recommend you please check your NOC Code and check if your NOC is in demand or not. Check all PNP’s website individually and verifies it.

Your Age: Well the best time for applying for Canada Express Entry is before the age of 34.Try to apply before this age so that you can get good CRS score. After that, your score will gradually fall down every year you go by.

Your Spouse Details: Yes if you are married and would like to take your spouse with you? Your spouse can also help you in adding the points in CRS score by giving IELTS and doing WES. Spouse points will only help you in adding some points but won’t make much difference in the total CRS score. But going Canada is not so easy. Each and every point counts so I would recommend that spouse should also add his points using his IELTS and WES report.

This was my review of Canada Express Entry Tips

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