How to Get US Tourist Visa from UK

How to Get US Tourist Visa from UK

As we are aware of visitor visa is the pleasure visa, the travel visa gives the chance to meet family and relatives, and medical care and enjoy tourist activities. The B-2 visa or the tourist visa is granted for 3 month.

Whenever you are interested to go on tourist visa for US or UK the rules will be different for each others. The other countries people will be getting for 3 months single entry visa or it will be 10 years multiple entry visa and you will be having a choice of being in US accordingly. And you’re not able to take any employments if it is full time or part time, because the visitors who came on tourist are not allowed to work legally.

Though you can extend your visa is possible, you can extend 6 months more and you should show the strong ties and should show the proof that you go back to your home country, demonstrating that the extension is temporary.  If you a tourist visa, the US citizenship and the immigration examination are looking at your financial and societal ties to the home country, if you don’t have the proper property to go back for your country then the visa will be delayed.

The duration of your staying in US is dependent the immigration officer will verify a point that belongs to the civilization and margin patrol units, you will be get the stamped on the i-94 card this will be done before the date of departure and you have to go back at that time.

UK is one of the Prime countries that is to share the benefits including visa waivers the treaties and the trade agreement with the numbers in the nation. Now if you are interested to know more information about the US tourist visa from UK there is a waiver on the fee, the UK nation coming to US and give the chance to stay there for 90 days. If the citizen of British are interested to travel for US and they have to register to the electronic system for travel. While the British nationals who has the dual citizenship of US are needed to embark and they have to come back for their US passport whenever you travel back to USA. So they are no requirement for a visa.

If the UK foreigners wants to work or stay there are required to take the US travel visa from US consulate. And if the British citizens are interested to travel in US tourist visa from UK on the visa waiver program they are only allowed in the US for the period of 3 months and then they have to return back to the country. Any tourists are not allowed to work or to stay any longer there.

If you’re not aware of the immigration you can talk to the consultants like Global gateways for visa help for tourist visa  for UK and the consultant will be having the knowledge and the updated on the regulations about tourist visas and other immigration issues.




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