How to Get Permanent Resident Status and visa at Canada?

How to Get Permanent Resident Status visa at Canada

People are less aware of the opportunities available for them in Canada. If the prospective applicant moves to Canada through permanent residency then they would enjoy all other benefits which the citizen of that country enjoys except for the voting rights.

One of the most important benefit would  be the right to work anywhere in Canada. There are also health care benefits for the applicant and his family and education benefits for his children up to the age of 16.

The Immigrants can easily fly down to their home country with their family and children and return back to Canada after their visit without any hassles. People who are unemployed and facing financial crunch in their lives also have an upper hand in claiming additional points through Canada migration and with this the applicant can even visit USA on a visit visa. The applicant can also sponsor their family which makes it possible even for the parents and siblings to immigrate to Canada.

Canada,the best for immigration

Canada is considered to be one of the peace loving countries in the world with the least crime rate and high standard of living which makes it as one of the favorites for Immigration.

After completion of three years of stay in Canada, the applicant will be eligible to apply for citizenship of Canada and can also get a Canadian passport. They can also start their own business and expand its operations even to United States under the free trade policy of North American states. The applicant would also be getting additional assistance from the government of Canada under the program available for investors .

Canada has a huge market for temporary jobs which are easily available to the new immigrants which is comparatively higher compared to opportunities in western European countries and middle east countries. Canada has a booming economy, Educational System which is Exceptional, Social environment which is relaxed and a tolerant culture. So as a result Canada becomes one of the most suitable choice to work , live and invest.

An Extensive Immigration and evaluating process is undertaken by the Canadian High Commission for the process of admission to skilled migrants to Canada. There are various types of visa given by the Canadian high commission i.e skilled workers visa, professional visas, investors visa,self-employed visa, entrepreneurs visa etc.

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