How to Get Canada Work Visa

How to Get Canada Work Visa

How to Get Canada Work Visa

How to Get Canada Work Visa

Getting Work Visa for Canada is very much difficult. There are various ways you can opt work visa for Canada. One of the ways is by getting LMIA i.e. Labour Market Impact Assessment. In order to get LMIA, you have to search for an employer who is from Canada. You have to search for a company which is based in any city of Canada.

In order to search for an employer there are certain ways you can do that:

  • Applying for a job through job portal such as Indeed, Monster etc.
  • Making friends online and make a contact with them.
  • Use Social networks such as LinkedIn so that you can be direct contact with the entrepreneurs.
  • Make Social Network Page and update the information and your work done.
  • Update all your works in your resume and show what you got!.

Check your niche and send your resume to the company by applying directly to them.

  1. Applying through job portals is a slow process and a bit of time-consuming. You will be competing with a large number of candidates. But it also plays a very important part in order to make a direct contact with the employers.
  2. Making friends online is very much usual nowadays. The whole world is online now. Don’t have your friend contact number? Use Facebook Messenger to message them. The trend of messaging, engaging with friends, making new friends etc is changing nowadays.
  3. LinkedIn is the best platform for which you can showcase yourself. You can update your profession; you can show your experience and the companies you have worked in. This is one of the best platforms by which you can message to employers what you got and the talent you can show them. Yes, you can also show this information on a resume by nowadays the trend is changing. You have to be creative. Don’t just write. “Show Proofs”.
  4. You can also make your Facebook Page and you can post your information so that people can see them. It won’t be about how many likes you got it’s about spreading the information you have. Whatever the niche you are in, you can publically post your information. Whereas you can also share facebook post on Facebook Messenger by sending them messages individually.
  5. If you are applying for a job through job portals you have to send a resume to each one of them. But before sending your resume please provide your information correctly and clearly. The resume is the best way to showcase yourself. So it is very necessary that you present yourself in a better way using your resume.
  6. I have seen many candidates who just apply for a job randomly. They don’t know their niche. It is very important to understand what you are best for. In order to show what you got you have to see what you are the best in. Show the employer what your real profession is.

If you have any queries related to Canada Work Visa, Contact Global Gateways 080-41142233.

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