How to get an Australia Visa of your Requirement?

Australian Visa Guidance

Many types of Australian Visas are available for various purposes. Let us see which one is suitable to you and how to get it to reach Australia for a better future.

Australia is known for quality education and a dream for many students and also employers. Australian education has a strong international reputation for excellence.  Though it’s an expensive country yet the cost remains competitive. Apart from studies one can widely engage themselves in different choice of activities to enrich their experiences. While studying in Australia, International students can also apply for permission to work. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours in a week during study and they are allowed to work full time during their vacations.

Australia has a migration program which it follows named as The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This organization screen and issue all visas to enter Australia.  The DIAC accepts 170000 permanent migration applications for family and skilled migration programs as well as 500000 under student visa scheme and 250000 under temporary entry to Australia. There are more than three million issued for visiting Australia annually. The DIAC manages 149 sub-classes of visas out of which 25 of the sub-classes constitute for about 97 percent of all issued visas.  These subdivisions belong to worker, family, visitor, students and humanitarian visas and are also further classified into temporary, permanent, onshore and offshore visas.

Worker visa- These are employer sponsored and skilled migration visas which provide best opportunity to skilled workers to live and work in Australia.  This visa includes entrance from fields such as religious, sports, diplomatic, entertainment and academic.

Family Visa- If you have a spouse or de facto who is a permanent resident or an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen or if there is aged parents of a permanent Australian citizen who would like to shift o Australia then they can opt for this visa. This visa application constitutes the second major category of migrants and adds to about a third of permanent residencies each year.

Visitor Visa- Visitor visa is one of the largest set of visa issued and approved by DIAC for visitors for holidaying, sightseeing, people who would visit Australia for social or recreational activities or to visit any relatives.  This visa is granted for a short period of time.  However this program has an unique element wherein DIAC “working holiday visas” which allows visitor to for part-time while holidaying in Australia.

Student Visa- This student visa is basically granted to foreign nationals who wish to study in Australia in any discipline.  They also should meet the eligibility criteria required by the university applied. Student visa also allows the student to work for 20 hours in a week. Post study the student will also get stay back option wherein they can search for a job for themselves and extend their visa accordingly.
Humanitarian visa- Annually Australia grants nearly around 13,770 humanitarian visas and protect the refuges from persecution. Different types of Humanitarian visas include- refugee visas, women at risk visas, emergency rescue visas etc.



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