How to get a China Tourist Visa? China Tourist Visa Requirements

                                   CHINA TOURIST VISA

More and more people are interested and very curious and even they will be visiting China, many people are thinking that teaching English for the china students is the easiest way to travel for that country in the lower cost.  The employees who are working in china need to have the work visa, this visa will be provided by the employers. The visitors who are interested to travel to sight see the view are visit they family they must travel by the tourist visa.

This tourist visa is valid for 90 days or 180 days from the date of issues, you can chose the visa like Single or Double entry tourist visa, which is also called has L visa.  The china government has given the time with in that time you can enter china. But please don’t be confused with the duration of stay. This is usually valid only for 30 days after you enter china, after your entered in to china with in 30 days you have to return back to your home country with in 30 days. If you are interested are planning to stay longer then you must have the approval of the visa officer is necessary.

In case if  you leave main land china and if you travel for Hong Kong or Macau and if your wishing you to come back to mainland china again that time you should apply for double entry visa or get a new single entry visa when you are in Hong Kong or in Macau.  In your purpose of you visa, visiting other country is same has you leaving that country. If you need tourist visa means “L” visa for china, you must fallow the required documents.

The Required Documents for china Tourist Visa:

  • Your Passport at least you must be having 6 months validity for expiry date.
  • One blank page left inside the passport.
  • And your applications forms and your documents must be completed.
  • And 2×2 square inch of yourself. Attach to the application by the glue or staple.
  • And you should get ready with all the documents and should bring it to close by Chinese embassy or china visa service. And if your staying in UK your Chinese embassy will be in London you must fix an appointment with the Chinese embassy. An alternative way is you can ask your agent to submit the documents instead of your presents. Many of the agents will be regular to the Chinese embassy so they can speed up things to apply for you.

Please be aware, that the processing time for the visa is only 4 working days. Even you can apply and make it faster by “Express service” this visa can be done with in 2 to 3 working days. The same way even in china visa service in London.

As you are interested to travel to tourist visa to travel for china and it is very simple to achieve it, if you’re interested to teach the English for china this is very simple way to travel for that country and most of the jobs are covered the expenses of flights, provide accommodation, and monthly salary is paid for you and even given the training.

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