How can you make entry into Canada as a permanent resident with the provincial nominee program

How can you make entry into Canada as a permanent resident with the provincial nominee program?

How can you make entry into Canada as a permanent resident with the provincial nominee program

How can you make entry into Canada as a permanent resident with the provincial nominee program

Every province or territory has its own conditions for the Provincial Nominee Program. To apply for this program, you have two different choices. You can either apply through the paper–based process also known as non-express entry streams or through the express entry process.

How does the provincial nominee program work?

Permitted employers nominate a potential worker under a process which is generally accelerated and was approved by the province long ago.

This nomination of a potential worker allows him to apply for a permanent residence in Canada which will proceed in a processing stream.

In the early stages, the applicants who are sponsored by the qualified employers may get temporary but renewable work permits which are processed outside Canada or sometimes at the ports of entry

 The applicants who have applied for permanent admission are generally first processed by the provincial authorities and then later by federal authorities who perform a screening based on medical security grounds.

The provincial nominee programs which are based on the skilled workers usually need an employer who would sponsor that application for entry into Canada. But this is not the case in provinces like Saskatchewan, Quebec and Manitoba. If this criterion is not met, the application is not given approval or sometimes passed over favouring the applications which have an employer sponsorship.

On the other hand, the employers who wish to be qualified under the Provincial Nominee Program must show efforts in hiring local Canadians and offer them with some competitive terms and some conditions based on employment that will be pertinent to a particular job.

Also, in order to get qualified as the successful sponsoring employee under the Provincial Nominee Program, the employee needs to comply with the skill level O, A or B under the National Occupation Classification. If not this then the employee must adhere to any pilot project which will be designed for a particular skill shortage recognised by the province.

In many cases, when people become qualified to get entry into Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program, they may also get a temporary allowance for work permit.

Importance of the provincial nominee program

The main importance of the Provincial Nominee Program lies in the fact that it is a fast option for entry into Canada as a permanent resident.

The applicants who have provincial nomination are awarded with an additional 600 points which are generally referred to as the Comprehensive Ranking System Points. The utility of these points is that they will place you at the front of the selection line when there is a draw.

Although a provincial nomination is no doubt helpful but it is not a requirement for an applicant to get an Invitation to Apply for being a permanent residence.

The Provincial Nominee Programs have grown to that extent that they consist of about one-quarter of the economic immigrants.

The Provincial Nominee Programs have led to the development of many smaller provinces like Manitoba by shifting the destination of newcomers in Canada.

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