Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission scheme-HQMS

Eligibility conditions and Evaluation process for Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission scheme.

Following are the present conditions to qualify to apply for a job in the Hong Kong job market.

Age: The applicant must be over 18 years of age. Adequate financial requirements are necessary to support him during the period of one year. The applicant should be capable of taking care of his dependents and the family with him; he is not eligible to seek public support to make up his living expenses. There is no government aid will be given to support him during the visa period. A good Character is necessary to get qualified to apply for the program. No criminal record and any adverse immigration records about him elsewhere are required. Excellent language skills in English and the basic educational qualifications are required. Good educational background from an acclaimed international university with a first-class degree.

In addition to the basic qualities, the applicant has to pass a point based test. The point based tests are in two forms, one is the general point tests and the one the Achievement point test. Contact Global gateways to know more about the points-based system to qualify for a job.

General point based tests are based on

Age, Academic qualifications, work experience, family background and language proficiency. Out of 165 marks in the tests, the applicant has to score 80 points minimum to qualify for an employment.

Achievement based points test

The applicant should have exceptional talent in the field of work. Outstanding skills will get more points in the test. Any state/national/international awards will be taken into consideration in the points test under the achievement based points test. A significant contribution in the field of work and study can earn more points in the test.

Evaluation process

Global gateways evaluate your resume carefully and yours will be taken for further process only if you are securing necessary points and the qualification criteria are fully met. Global gateways assist you in processing the application, forms and documentation, updates and follow-up, job search, relocation orientation etc.

Global gateways provide a free consultation for your profile and a free assessment whether you are qualifying for the job or not. Only after a complete evaluation process with original documents and proofs, the company accepts your application for further processing.

The processing services will be provided at an additional cost other than the embassy costs and fees associated with the program to be payable along with the application.


Global Gateways is not a placement agency or a recruitment agent. We only do your visa documentation, and advice and assist you by marketing your resume to potential placement agencies & employers in Hong Kong with the use of internet technology. We do not guarantee or arrange for jobs.
We do not deal with fraudulent documentation / information submitted by clients should be genuine.


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