Hong Kong’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) Visa consultants in Bangalore

Hong Kong Employ an Entrant scheme to attract and employ the individuals from other countries. Points will be awarded to the in two categories, via General and Achievement schemes. Applicant to the Hong Kong quality migrant visa scheme has to meet certain requirements that pre-set. Only high scoring applicants will be selected on a quarterly quota basis to work in Hong Kong for a year period. The entry visa and the work permit will be awarded only one-year term initially.

The visa holder can accompany with his partner and children below 18 years of age. If the applicant selected, he will be given an Approval-in-principle letter to visit and attend an interview in Hong Kong. At the time of Interview, the applicant has to produce original documents at the time of interview with the officials.

Around 40,000 Indians are living in Hong Kong. Approximately some 25,000 Indians are having Indian passport. The longer Indian presence makes the Indians able to integrate with the locals with the local language Cantonese and most of the Indians feel the Hong Kong as their home country. Most of the Indians are traders and they have contacts with India with strong cultural and social ties.

The era sees more professionals from India to work and live in Hong Kong. Increasing number of professionals create a new generation of professional Indians in the Country. Most of the new entrants working in Banking and finance sectors as well as in IT and communication segments of the industry. Hong Kong Indians are becoming a new influential force in the local administration and economic development in the country.

Why Hong Kong?

Working experience in Hong Kong makes you a versatile and the world watching Chinese economic developments. Any work experience in the Chinese background will be an advantage in the job market around the world. You can approach the Asia-Pacific Job market with a richer resume and you will have more adaptability with almost all the cultures in the region with the work experience in Hong Kong. The emerging Hong Kong trade and economic activities due to the Chinese takeover and the business support from the fast growing Chinese economy make your job a versatile one. Hong Kong is a business leader in the middle-east and most of the European countries are having business ties with Hong Kong. The logistics in Hong Kong is said to be one of the largest in the world.

Hong Kong becomes a big business center in the eastern part of the world and more and more business and employment opportunities available in the country. Abundant Job opportunities in HongKong are available in the logistics supporting businesses like Insurance, product testing and inspection, arbitration and mediation, trade finance documentation etc.

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