Hong Kong Visas To study- work- to do business and settle in Hong Kong


The applicants who apply for visitor visa to Hong Kong can at least stay for a minimum period of 6 months which is dependent on the kind of citizenship they are into.

The department of Immigration, Hong Kong would have the entire details of the people who visit Hong Kong and also the duration of their stay in Hong Kong.

The visitors who are over the age group of eleven years are entitled to apply for Hong Kong Id Card issued by the government which enables the visitors to have access to benefits such as health care facilities , public transportation etc. There are possibilities of the employer being fined if any of his employees does not meet the standard requirements for work permits.

In case of Employment visa the Employer should apply for sponsorship visa for foreign national whom the employer is willing to provide employment on behalf of the employees willing to move to Hong Kong for work. The processing time for employment visa to Hong Kong is usually 4 to 6 weeks time. In case if the employer terminates the foreign national during the tenure of employment then the foreign national is not forced to go out of the country and still continue staying in Hong Kong till the visa expires.

Investment Visa is actually suitable for people who are willing to start business or invest on any business based in Hong Kong .The applicant should provide a detailed business plan for the next two years and should also show their financial credibility and stability which gives assurance to the government about the applicant’s ability to run a business successfully in Hong Kong.

There is no limit on the number of investment visa which the prospective applicant can apply with regards to restrictions from the government

If the person has completed staying in Hong Kong for more than seven years period he or she would be eligible for applying for permanent residency visa to Hong Kong. There are many benefits which the which the permanent resident of Hong Kong is eligible for like priority benefits in schools, housing benefits, benefits regarding health care.  The applicants after getting Permanent Residency for Hong Kong are not required to submit their passport of the resident country.
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