Hong Kong Tourism and Travel entry Visa

Hong Kong Travel entry Visa

Hong Kong and Macau are the special administrative regions of the China and you need a visa to enter into the regions even from the mainland China. This is same for you if you want to enter China from the Hong Kong or Macau you need a visa. Though it is normal you can get a visa from these areas to visit China it is not guaranteed that you will get a travel visa to enter the regions or the Main Land. So Be aware that you need to submit necessary documents to submit to both the Special Administrative regions and the Main Land China.

Visa Requirements

You need to have a passport with a validity of Minimum one-month duration at the time of arrival to the region. Properly filled immigration card is necessary with you when you arriving the region. Depending upon the nationality of yours, you need to have a valid visa while entering the country. Need to show the two-way travel arrangements to prove that you are going to leave the country after the time of your travel. Based on immigration office’s definition you need to have enough funds to survive in the region to prove that you are not going to work and earn money there for your stay.

No criminal record on your part is mandatory to enter the nation.

Major part of the tourists are not required to produce a visa, particularly the westerners are allowed into the country without any checking by the immigration officials, the airline which you fly’s checking points are enough to enter the country, as all the airlines are responsible to check the travel documents including the return ticket details and a valid passport etc.   British nationals are the privileged people, who need minimum papers to visit the region and can stay 180 days in the country without any restrictions like life supporting money and return tickets etc. Australia, Canada, New Zealand citizens are allowed free for 90 days in the country without any visa requirements.

Staying in Hong Kong may vary from 7 days to 90 days for most of the nationalities without a valid travel visa. Some country nationalities are strictly allowed into the country with a pre obtained valid visa, and the visa and immigration officials are empowered to decide on the days of stay in the country. You should not enter and stay in the country for a business activity without a valid business visa.

Macau is another region to enter freely and from Hong Kong you don’t need any of your travel documents to check with. Reentry to Hong Kong is also allowed when you are from Macau.

For more details about the visa rules and regulations please visit Global gateways. Fee particulars can be obtained from the same office.

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