H1B visa rejections skyrockting, but why?

It is tough time for Indian IT companies as the H1B visa rejections are reached at a high. This situation could not arise if the republicans approved the bill on time.  As the Immigration bill not yet passed in the senate it worsens the scope of getting a H1B visa for its employees.

The Indian IT companies worked out a plan and fix targets based on that hoping to get enough visas for its employees. But delayed bill approval smashed all the targets and hopes of the IT companies. Unapproved agents and visa and immigration consultants also applied for quotas and get a considerable amount of H1B visas. This also affects the IT companies at large.

However Some experienced Consultants with good established contacts with the American employers those who Indian IT skilled employees can still arrange H1B visas genuinely.

Efficient Visa and Immigration consultants like Global gateways are still processing the H1B visas genuinely for the It people. You may please contact for your visa allocation and find a suitable employer in their fold.   

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