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The refusal  of student visa for are as follows they are  lack of English proficiency test  , less funds to be shown and even lack of education for  further studies in US and there are many other reasons on the same for the refusal

214(b) visa Refusals

The other reasons for refusal would be when the candidate don’t show the reason for return back to India after completion of their course and the visa officer has all the rights to recheck it before the immigration to the US, the visa can be refused for candidate under section 214 (b), but the candidate can re apply for the visa interview, but the refusal reason must be taken further, if no changes on the refusal point then it makes no point

And for further information regarding the visa application process you can visit the website  for VFS , but the charges  of about 4600 must be payee for NIV application every  reapply

221(g) Student Visa refusals

Student visa refusal would be under section 221(g) which needs further administration action on the same, and the instructions are given at the same time of visa refusal, and if the consulate officer wants for face to face interview then appointment would be required, the candidate has to appear in person at the consulate and appointment can be taken through the online process by going through the VFS website and if refusal case then can directly meet the consulate officer on working days between Monday to Saturday  t 10 am

And sometimes the candidate is put on hold on request unless their officer contacts them, as some administration process is required so that the officer can contact the candidate once it is cleared, which can take duration of several months, but here the candidate has to fill a new application form, not requirement of new visa application for a period of one year.

212(a) (6) (c) refusals

This refusal can make the applicant get rejected permanently to go for US, because this applies to the distortion of facts, the consulate officer has all rights to charge heavy penalty towards misrepresenting.

The material information on immigration or non immigration visa application.

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