Germany Tourist Visa And Germany Visit Visa

Germany Tourist and Visit Visa

Tourist or Visit Visa to Germany never was easily processes, no matter the purpose of travel. As Germany falls under European territories, you need to get a Schengen Visa. When you get Schengen Visa your are allowed to travel between the other member states as follows, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Poland, France, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Malta, Hungary, Luxembourg, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia and Italy.

Once the individual gets a Schengen Visa, he is allowed to stay in Germany for 3 months; however the individual will not be eligible to get a job for time being or as freelancer. We have different types of Schengen Visa for example; resident permit Visa, Visit Visa, Study Visa and Work Visa. Based on the Purpose of travel the individual can apply for suitable Visa for his/her travel.

If you wanted to spend time in Germany or Europe countries, Schengen visa will be the right visa for visiting relatives, work, participate in summer school or Seminar. Schengen will allow you to travel to all 26 countries as mentioned before and also allows you to stay for 90 days.

Required Documents:

  • Fill up Schengen visa form
  • Passport size photo
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of return air ticket and hotel reservation
  • Copy of medical insurance, the insurance should cover €30.000 based on the duration of travel.

When an individual submit an application for visa, need to submit with full document at German mission in person at their place of residence. Individual should have complete information in regards to visa processing and documentation to avoid time consummation.

Visa normally takes 7 to 10 business days to process. There might be a wait time during peak season; however it is good to apply well in advance.

Transit Visa for Schengen countries are issued for a minimum period of ninety days which extends up to maximum period of not more than 180 days. The decision on a particular case is decided by the Visa officer taking into consideration many important factors like duration of the travel and purpose of visit.

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