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Germany Job Seeker Visa

The federal Government of Germany initiate the Germany Job seeker visa to attract qualified individuals to visit Germany and access the labor market to find a suitable job of his qualifications. The shortage in qualified persons to perform the jobs in technical and managerial categories, lead the decision to launch the visa program by the federal government.

The program launched on 1st August 2012 and the graduates with German language and other technical skills are eligible to apply for the job. The foreign degrees are compared to German degrees and the German degree standards will be taken to calculate the qualifications of the potential candidate from foreign countries. The applicants must produce their university degrees to the consulate of Germany in the home country. The duration of the visa is for six months only, within that period the applicant has to find a suitable employer to work in the country.

During the stay, the student has to support himself/herself financially and must not perform any job whether it is payable or at a free of cost. Any profitable activities are banned in the program and the visa holder should comply with the laws and rules and regulations of the country. The applicant must show the funds for the living costs in his/her bank account to prove that he is capable of support themselves during the stay.

Self-employed activities are also banned. Visa fee for the Germany Job seeker visa is approximately Rs 5,000 and the consultation and service charges are extra. Verification charges may differ from city to city in India depending upon the city the visa applicant resides. It may be from Rs 2,000 to 45,000 payable by demand draft.

Global gateways have a high success rate in getting the Germany Job seeker visa for the qualified candidates in India. Contact the office to know more about the success rate and the testimonials from the successful candidates in the past. The experts will analyze the possibilities of getting a job in Germany and other countries with association.

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