Five countries most popular with Indians for study

Five countries most popular with Indians for study

Five countries most popular with Indians for study

Five countries most popular with Indians for study

The number of Indians Studying Abroad has been rising exponentially. One of the reasons is that Indian employers find students who have been educated in international universities a better fit.

The five most popular countries for Indian students are Canada, Germany, Australia, the US and the UK.

Canada has been attracting many Indian students because it is one of the most accommodating among the developed nations. Statistics state that about 14 percent of all Overseas Students Studying in that country are Indians. In addition, the liberal immigration policies offered by Canada attract Indian students. The other benefits are that it is an English-speaking nation, is multicultural in nature and offers a high quality of living.

The University of Toronto, York University and the University of Winnipeg are the top-ranked universities in Canada.

Germany attracts many international students as it offers various courses in English language, tuition fees is free or nominal at many universities. In addition, Indian students can avail German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It also offers various scholarship programs and German Universities have tied up with local and international research institutes, providing students with an opportunity for research.

Its top-ranked universities include Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Bonn and Justus Liebig University Giessen.

After Australia made its visa process easy for Asian students, Indian students now comprise one of the largest contingents of foreign students there. Besides a cosmopolitan culture, it also offers fabulous opportunities for students to work after graduation.

Some world-class universities in Australia are Charles Darwin University, University of Tasmania and University of Adelaide.

The United States has been decidedly the dream destination for most Indian students since the last four decades. Education provided here is of high quality and opportunities for obtaining scholarships are numerous. To add to it, an American degree is one of the most coveted qualifications in the world.

Harvard University, Stanford University, UCLA, Princeton University, etc., are some top-ranked universities in the US.

The United Kingdom has also been a very popular destination for Indian students for a long time now.

Business World quotes statistics to state that the number of Indian students enrolled in UK universities has grown by 10 percent until 2016. The benefits of studying in Britain include top-quality education programs and better exposure.

Oxford University, Cambridge University and London School of Economics are its top-ranked universities.

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