EU Blue Card to work in European countries and settle permanently

EU Blue Card

All European Union nations have adopted a unique blue card directive that allows the no-European union nationals entitled to apply for a work visa and eventually get a permanent residence visa there.  EU Blue card allows the cardholders move across the countries in European Union by which they are united allow the cardholders accesses the job market in all countries in the union. The Blue card is like U.S. Green card scheme that allows the family members of the card holders able to settle in the European nations. All socio-economic rights can be accessed by the card holders as their own citizens.

Eligibility conditions to apply for the EU Blue card

Highly educated candidates with high qualifications that needed by the job market of European Union are eligible to apply for the EU card. The applicant must have a job offer from any one of the European Union nations and this must be valid for at least one year period of time. The Gross monthly income from the new job in the EU nation should be at least 1.5 times of the average monthly income prevailing in the Union. Great Briton, Ireland and Denmark countries are not allowing the applicants to apply for a job in their country. They have their own selection criteria and processing of visas for a job and residence category.

EU nation has a 90 days’ time period to decide on the application of the job seeker. The applicant can apply for an open position in any one of the European nation countries.

Benefits of the EU Blue Card

EU Blue card holder is allowed to live and work for a period of 4 years initially. And it is renewable. It does not permit the Cardholder to apply and get a permanent residence in one of the EU nation. But the card holder can enjoy the full facilities and rights as the country’s own citizen enjoys. All social benefits will be given to the card holder during the stay in European country. Blue card holders are allowed to move from one country to another country, after an initial period limitation of 18 months’ work in the permitted country, for better employment job opportunities.

Skilled workers on the Blue card can add residence permit validity periods by renew the same for multiple times to get a better facilities like buying a house, getting a driving license, accessing the social benefits and all rights enjoyed by the Union member state citizens.

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