Engineering Jobs in Australia – How to Apply for an Engineering Job In Australia?

Australia engineering Jobs needed engineers from third world nations like India and China. Engineering Jobs in Australia are well paid by the government and Private companies. Australia is the largest producer of Coal and Uranium in the world. For the Mining activities and for the other Manufacturing industries,Australia needs hundreds of employees every year.

India is the Second largest country producing engineering graduates next to Russia. Indian engineers getting handsome salary packages in the foreign countries like Australia, Germany, UK, USA, Canada etc.

Australia Top Destination for Engineering Careers. Australia is a location an Engineer would consider migrating for his next professional move. Manufacturing industries and the Government of Australia are setting programs in place to entice qualified engineers, including experienced and new professionals. The wages of an Engineer is 60% over the Global Average. Universities in Australia are struggling to sustain the demand for the skills related to Engineering & Geology.

Shortage of the Skills are encouraged by New Projects Almost every stream in Engineering is in demand from Senior Mining Engineers and Engineers in Civil Construction from Marine Engineer jobs and Piping Designer jobs. To help produce more products, main projects of infrastructure are in progress in rail, port and general transportation areas. Many projects are under construction around Australia, projects like Green fields Mining Project and LNG.

To bridge the gaps Western Australia and Queensland are considering short term migration as they are experiencing shortage of engineering skills. People with engineering skills from different parts of the world are enjoying working with these new projects as these projects once in a career. Engineering Graduates in Demand Too Furthermore, Australia is exploring to fetch young engineers as they have chances to migrate permanently to “The Lucky Country”. The 476 visa constraints have been lately amended to invite Graduate Engineers by The Department of Immigration and Citizenship. And in recent times, it has opened the doors more widely compared to the past days. The 476 visa can be explored by any Engineering Graduate.

Under this visa type, the engineering graduate is planned to work and stay in Australia for 18 months. Before this 18 months visa comes to an end, they are allowed to transform 476 visas to a Permanent Residency visa which will allow them to stay in that country permanently. There are a number of chances and encounters for Engineer Graduates in Australia which are not available in other countries.

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