Denmark Residence Permit Visa For the Students Studying In Denmark

The duration of the applicant Of United Kingdom residence permit depend upon whether the applicant is going to complete the entire educational program or adhere to be a part of program as a visiting student.

If the candidate wants to finish the complete study program the applicant will be provided with the residence permit for the entire duration of the program. If the applicant is willing to complete only a part of the program then the residence permit will be granted throughout for the part of the program which the applicant is decided to continue.

If the applicant decides for a preparatory course then the residence permit granted till the completion of the course completion. It is the rule of the residence permit that the applicant is active and is signed up in the educational program in Denmark.

The Denmark corporate scheme permits the employee of a foreign company department to get a corporate residence permit at Denmark. This scheme makes it very easy for Denmark to transfer their employees who are having unique abilities or qualifications from the company’s foreign divisions at Denmark to carry out job or work on projects that is innovative or educational in nature.

A foreign corporate authorization can be granted to a Danish firm which has become as part of international company that has a sister company or a foreign partner or subsidiary or should be having an active department which includes branches, divisions or workplaces in abroad.

The applicant will be certainly provided with a corporate residence permit if the applicant is employed in a Danish company foreign associate or department. If the applicant is willing to work in Danish company in ally to innovative, developing or academic functions.


Tourist visa are specifically for those who would like to visit the UK for a short term visit. The purpose of the visa could be meeting friends and family, business visit, getting medical attention and for those who transiting through the UK route to another destination.

This visa is valid for a period of six months. The major requirement of tourist visa application is that the applicant should be able to support financially for the duration still he stays. The applicant should be able to fund his entire trip without taking any help from public funding.

Depending upon the cases tourist visa can also be issued for a maximum validity of two years with the multiple entries in UK. The exception for this visa is only for medical visitors who are permitted to extend their leave if their health conditions requires.

The visa holder should show that he has got genuine intention to come back to their country of residence on or before the expiry of the visa. It is very important that the immigration history applicant and his family may be taken in to the account.

The 2 tier visa is the most eminent entry routes to the UK for skilled workers who are citizens of various other countries which are outside of European Economic Area. In some cases if the applicant is applying for tier 2 visa the applicant should be in the possession of job offer along with the sponsorship certificate from the UK employer with a valid tier 2 sponsorship licenses.

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