Denmark Permanent green card visa to settle in the country

Denmark Green card scheme

Educational level points to qualify to get a green card that allows you to stay in the country.

Your educational level will be assessed only after finding the equivalent level of Danish educational level. Since the educational qualifications vary from country to country, though there are called a same name. Hence, the equivalent of Danish bachelor degree will get 30 points. Graduated from a Medium-Length education also will get the same 30 points.

An equivalent of Bachelor degree followed by a Master’s degree will get 50 points from the qualifying points system. 60 points will be awarded for a Master’s degree and 80 points will be awarded to an equivalent of Ph D. The applicant can get bonus points if studied in an internationally recognized university that is having a high level of academic standards. If the university or educational institution comes in the top 400 universities list, you will get 5 bonus points. IF the university comes in the top 200 universities listed for its excellent educational qualifications, then the applicant will get 10 points as bonus in addition to the awarded qualifications as mentioned above.

At the most 15 points will be awarded, fi the university comes in the top 100 university list for the quality of education. An additional 10 points will be awarded to you if your qualification fits to get a job, where Denmark experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals to fulfill the requirements. The applicant can get a maximum of 105 points for his excellent and suitable educational qualifications, while applying for a Green card scheme, which allows the applicant to stay for a minimum period of Initial three years’ time period.

Language Skills points

Applicant’s language skills are measured by a three level tests in which the applicant can score points to qualify for the Denmark Green card scheme. For the Level one test, the applicant can get 5 points and 10 points for the second level test. If the Applicant is certified by the previous employer, that the applicant used the Danish language for official purposes at least for one year, the applicant can get 15 for the level 3 tests passing and 20 points will be awarded, if he had used the Danish language second language. When submitting the documents the, the previous employer’s proven certificate also has to be submitted. A maximum of 30 will be awarded for the applicant’s language skills.

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