Denmark Immigration From India-How to get a Visa?

Denmark Immigration

The Green Card Scheme:

If the people are interested to travel for Denmark then this green card scheme is useful and this is designed to only for the highly skilled people from all over the world. There is another scheme is known as Danish Green card scheme this visa will  providing residence and permit, its valid for 3 yrs for the purpose of job seekers and after words working. And this visa will be issued bases of individual assessment using a point system it is also designed to assess the probability that the  applicant should be Qualified for work in Denmark.

Denmark is in North European country along with the Green land and the Fraoe Islands. The main land of that country is the bordered to the south of the Germany.  And it is located at south of Norway and south west of Sweden. Its borders of both the Baltic and the North Sea.

The happiest nation and the Peaceful nation and international studies is Denes.

Now at the Present, Denmark has the designed number of Schemes with intention of make the easier for highly qualified professionals from all over the world to get the work permit and Residence. These all will be including the positive list, and even the pay limit scheme, the corporate scheme and the Scheme of the green card. These most of all this schemes, you know that the green card Scheme is the most significant for those people who are interested to travel for abroad countries.

There are only 3 conditions for Danish Green Card Scheme:

In Green Card Scheme you will be has a residence permit, You must Qualify at least 100 Points. Points will be rewarded for.

  1. Education Levels.
  2. Work Experience.
  3. Language skills.
  4. Age
  5. Adaptability Points.

Here you must be having Health Insurance covering and if any of your family members is accompanying you until you are covered by the Danish National Health Insurance.

If you are in Denmark after you are getting the visa you have to maintain yourself for 1st year in Denmark. Means you have show some funds in your accounts for few month in your bank.

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