DENMARK Green Card

DENMARK Green Card

DENMARK Green Card

DENMARK Green Card

The ‘Happiest country in the world’ (we’re referring to none other than the Nordic country of Denmark), is also one of the wealthiest EU nations. It’s far one of the few international economies that remained unaffected by means of the 2008 recession and the recent European monetary uncertainty.

Aside from its amazingly stunning landscapes, and very high well known of residing (with few parallels in the world), it has one of the quickest economies in the European Union (European). It gives higher work possibilities and discrimination-unfastened paintings environment– both to its citizens and immigrants. Even though the country is highly small in geographical length, it’s miles as a substitute influential at the international map.

Because the united states have an extensively huge range of growing old populace, well-paying possibilities for skilled workers are titanic right here. As a result, if you are searching out a possibility to move overseas, using high of your capabilities, then you definitely should definitely mull over Denmark immigration.

The Denmark green card Scheme is a three-year residence permit for individuals who wish to immigrate to Denmark and paintings over there. An applicant gets an inexperienced card to Denmark best after an assessment process that’s a point-based gadget. One desires not less than one hundred factors to collect an inexperienced card to Denmark. An applicant receives factors for his/her degree of education, language talents, work experience, adaptability, and age.

Educational stage: You want to post your instructional diplomas and certificate at the side of your utility. Your instructional stage may be assessed by using SIRIUS, an organization under the Ministry of technological know-how, technology, and Innovation. You need to have as a minimum an equivalent of the Danish Bachelor’s degree to get hold of points in your education. The range of factors given is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s diploma/Graduated from medium-length schooling: 30 points.
  • Bachelor’s diploma observed through one-12 months grasp’s degree: 50 points.
  • Master’s degree: 60 points.
  • Ph.D.: 80 points.

There are two extra parameters that could make contributions on your educational points. These are:

  • If the college in which you have studied belongs to the “top four hundred Universities” listing, you get factors as follows:
  • Top four hundred: five factors.
  • Pinnacle 2 hundred: 10 factors.
  • Top a hundred: 15 points.
  • If your field of having a look at relates to one wherein Denmark is presently struggling a scarcity of certified professionals, you get bonus factors. Presently these fields are as follows:
  • Academic paintings Creation
  • IT and telecommunication Management
  • Educational, social and religious work
  • Income, purchases, and advertising
  • Health, healthcare and personal care

Freight forwarding, postal services, garage and engine operation Education and lessons

Language Skills:

You need to know Danish in order to Communicate while working in Denmark. So four levels of the Danish Proficiency Test are prepared so that people can try starting with Level 1.

In order to start, you must document

that you have passed an exam in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German at a level corresponding to at least Danish Language Test, Level 1 (Prove I Dansk 1). An applicant can be given a maximum of 30 points for language skills.

Work Experience: Denmark welcomes qualified professionals from fields in which the country is experiencing a Shortage of. An applicant gets points depending upon the number of years worked and the relevancy of work.

Points are given as follows:

  • 1-2 years within the past five years as a researcher/in discipline indexed at the nice list: 10 points.
  • 3-5 years inside the past 5 years as a researcher/in discipline indexed on the tremendous list: 15 factors.
  • 3-five years within the past five years, different paintings: five points.
  • An applicant can be given a most of 15 factors for work experience.
  • Adaptability

The factors of adaptability are given primarily based on how properly you adapt to the Danish environment. An applicant can acquire points for both schooling and work.


An applicant may be given points based on one’s age. Factors are given as follows:

  • 35-40 years: 10 factors.
  • 34 years or younger: 15 factors.
  • An applicant can be given a maximum of 15 factors for age.

Denmark is a beautiful place to live In. People in Denmark have good etiquette and the country is quite safe. The Denmark Green card is a gateway to work in and enjoy a beautiful place like Denmark.

This text is written on behalf of Europe office is an immigration provider company helping customers to gather Denmark residence/work permit under the inexperienced card scheme.

Top Benefits of Denmark Immigration

In case you are pretty still uncertain as to why you should really move to the nation, then let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of Immigration to Denmark! After going through the piece, you would surely set your eyes on Denmark Immigration, for obvious reasons.

  1. Candidates can easily avail any of the many easy to follow immigration paths. The nation’s immigration body runs and manages several simple and hassle-free visa programmers that suit aspirants of practically all kinds.
  2. The country proffers high standard of living. In fact, it is one of the best European nations to reside in.
  3. Unlimited rewarding and attractive opportunities exist in the nation across various sectors, such as Information Technology (IT), designing and communication. So if you are ambitious and eager to leave your mark on the global stage, then this Nordic Nation could be an excellent option for you.
  4. The nation assures social security and complete human rights to migrants. No discriminations here on the basis of color, religion, and ethnicity.
  5. It offers rewarding work opportunities to migrants as per their specific qualifications and experience.
  6. The country offers excellent work environment, minimum wages and safe environment with the right to discontinue the work.
  7. You can come to the country and enjoy the benefit of working anywhere in the EU once you have acquired the Dane PR or Citizenship.
  8. The country encourages candidates to bring along their family members and gives them the same rights and benefits as per the primary applicant.
  9. Green Card holders are free to travel visa free to Schengen countries. Additionally, they are eligible to apply for Danes Permanent Residence (PR) status once they have lived and worked in the country for a period of seven years.
  10. The immigration process to the country is easy to follow and simple.
  11. The nation’s job market is such that it is capable of successfully adjusting a large number of skilled workers from across the globe
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