Create your future along with your loved ones in Australia

Create your future along with your loved ones in Australia

Create your future along with your loved ones in Australia

Create your future along with your loved ones in Australia

It is simply not at all the distance that counts when that distance means so little when we make that effort to close that long distance short. This is perhaps the intention every migrant who have made it to foreign countries to establish themselves, and after a brief period of making things happen and planning a place for their spouses to join them.

It will never be a cake walk to set up a home and then invite spouses, dependent children. This interest is not just for spouses it applies to parents well. Who can avail the opportunity of meeting up with their children to be there in person and feel that moment of pride to wander in a country that has hosted their loved ones and brought them to a well-placed position in the society.

Undoubtedly there is nothing like migrating to Australia for all those who have lived on the other side. All the migrants who have made it to Australia and are recognized as permanent residents or even on work permit visas for a stipulated duration are given the privilege to rejoin with their spouses and loved ones by the host country Australia.

Australia Spouse or Partner Visa Requirements:

If the applicant is married to an Australian citizen or a permanent resident and have the vintage of staying in that relationship for 12 months, then the migrant who has already made it to Australia can sponsor his or her spouse to join with them in Australia.

  • Legal documents to authorize the relationship as Husband and Wife.
  • Valid passport
  • Should be over the age of 18 years
  • The applicants must produce documents that can be identified such as photograph and signature.
  • Proof of current residential address
  • A proof of penal clearance certificate
  • Health approved criteria is extremely prominent
  • The application form has to be filled in English

After the application is being processed the sponsor will ensure that the applicant also receives a letter to be clipped along with the other documents. The applicant must have basic knowledge in English, should also have basic idea about the Culture of the country and its salient features. There are two ways to apply for the Australian Spouse Visa it can happen through online or also through paper which precisely means in person. Visas for partners allow the individuals to join with their loved ones who intend to marry and live as husband and wife.

Australian Parent Visa

Parent Visa for Australia will have a sponsor who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. The sponsor should have been staying in Australia for two years. The parents need to get through the health test and the balance of family test. The processing for this visa type may take time to be issued. There is also a clause after the parent makes it to Australia and has stayed for two years. They can also apply for a permanent contributory visa parent after which the aged parents will be eligible for pension or social security payments from the Government of Australia. The minimum validity for this visa will be for 5 years before renewal.

Australia Dependent Visa

Dependents by all means can make it to Australia while the student who is processing his or her visa application the dependent should be applied at the same time. The primary applicant who is applying as a student should be enrolled into a course for a minimum of 12 months or more. The student has to mention the entire details while filling in the application and whom he or she nominates as dependent. The application will not be considered after the student arrives in Australia.

Requirements for Australian Dependent Visa

  • A completely filled 157A form
  • A photograph each for every applicant
  • The fee has to be paid while lodging the Visa Application
  • Payments have to be made in cash
  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • If there are children on the applications, the birth certificates of the children too are mandate.
  • A copy of the marriage certificate has to be filed in as well.
  • Proof of health clearance for all the dependents
  • If the dependent children are 11 and over a radio-logical examination is prominent.
  • And the enrolling into an institution for dependent children has to be completed before the applying happens and a copy of that admission has to be attached.
  • A written statement of the applicant’s relationship with the spouse.
  • Proof of funds and its resource to cover living expenses for the spouse and the children has to be shown.
  • To issue Australian dependent visas the time it takes to process the application depends on the embassy. There’s no way to pace the process.
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