Canada Visitor Visa

Canada Visitor visa

Canada Visitor visa

Canada Visitor visa

Canada Visitor visa also called as Tourist visa and visit visas are meant for a temporary stay in the country for tourism purposes. The visa is valid for 6 months and officially it is called a ‘Temporary Resident Visa’. This visa is not a route for permanent resident visa and the tourist visa holders are obliged to return to their home country before the expiry of the visa.

For a few countries, Canada Government has waived the tourist visa and they can get an entry on a visa so that foreign nationals stay in the country for a short time for tourism and travel purposes. You please contact Global Gateways, if Indian citizens are eligible to get the waiver or not at this date.

The requirements for the travel visa are the Applicant should show the ability to support them during the stay and they have to prove their intention to return the home country.

Temporary resident visas allow the Applicant to stay for a short period that is not more than six months duration, but at the same time the visa holder cannot engage in any type of employment, whether it is paid or unpaid during the visa period.

Every year there are almost 5 million people are visiting Canada with the Temporary resident visa or Travel visa or Tourist visa for short-term purposes and even business purposes.

As many people see Visitor visa is the route for permanent employment during their stay find the job, hence they are eligible for getting a job invitation from an employer there and possible settlement in the country.

As per the visa rules, the visa holder cannot stay in the country for more than a period of six months. He should return back and get a proper visa to get a permanent employment in the country. For more clarifications please contact Global Gateways in Bangalore.

Applicants are allowed to take their dependents and children with this visa to Canada for the same period of six months.

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