Canada Visa program with an express entry invites applications

Canada Visa department offers a visa program that invites applications from the aspirants without specifying the job offer from any employer from the country. The employers in the country are gifted with the program and they can now employ a suitable candidate by choosing the applicant from a pool of job applications.

If the profile matches with the job the employer wants to perform with the skill the applicant possess, then the employer would ask the department to send an invitation to the applicant to submit an expression of interest. After receiving the expression of interest, the visa authorities would invite the applicant to submit an application for a particular job for which the employer wants the skill and talent to perform the job.

The applicant and subsequently the Permanent job visa holder can apply for the permanent resident visa including a family visa like dependent visa and child visa as well as the dependent parent visa to enable them stay with the visa holder in the country. Applicants already applied for a specific job need to apply once again for the pool of jobs under the new program. The new offers a permanent residence visa in the country and settle in the country permanently.


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