Canada visa holder need to know!

In Canada Car repair Costs of the service are low. Sometimes commercial van shuttle services arise which ply the routes between major cities such as Montreal, Toronto and. Ottawa on a regular, scheduled basis. They charge far less than bus rates but are operating illegally. Also, insurance coverage may not be sufficient in cases of accident or emergency. They advertise in the classified section of entertainment weeklies. Canadian Automobile Association Known as the CAA this organization, like its counterpart the American Automobile Association (AAA), provides assistance to member motorists (check in your country of origin to see if there are reciprocal agreements).

The services provided include 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, trip planning and advice, and it can supply traveller’s cheques. If you have a decent car the association’s help may not be necessary, but if you have bought an older car to tour the country the fee may well be invaluable, and after one or two breakdowns will have paid for itself as towing charges are high. For information contact the central Ontario office (n 1-800-268-3750), 60 Commerce Valley Drive E, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada UT 7P9. Each province has its own regional office and branches can be found in most major cities and towns.

An annual membership costs $85. Gasoline J Gasoline (petrol) or simply gas (gaz in Quebec), varies in price across the country with the highest prices in the far north and. on the east coast. In the east, the prices are highest in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador. Drivers approaching Quebec from Ontario should top up the tank before the border. Those arriving from the USA should always have a full tank as the low US prices will never be seen in Canada.

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