Canada Visa authorities launch Express entry visa

Express entry visa program from the Canadian authorities is an excelent gift to the aspirants those who wants to go to Canada and settle there. The wealthiest country suffering from the skill shortages for various industries. The skill shortage felt by employers and they are forced the governement to relaunch the Express entry visa program.

This visa program helps Canada to get qualified professionals from various fields and it will improve the economy of the country. The Canadian authorites will receive applications of express of Interest from the aspirants along with resumes with the skills listed. This is against the previous system of calling skilled workers with specific skills for a particular job.

You may apply with your skills and the employers of canada will select the applicants as per the skills required for their businessess. This Canada visa, if given allows the visa holder to apply for a permanent residence visa within 60 days of the work visa received. The permanent residence visa holder as usual can invite relatives and dependents to join with him to live and settle in the country.

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