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Arts 49 length film industry. Its output is relatively small and the quality varies. In the past few years Quebec has been the most prolific and artistically successful in film. The better known movies are subtitled or dubbed into English. Denys Arcand’s Decline of the American Empire and Jesus of Montreal were major critical successes. Others from Quebec include Wind from Wyoming by Andre Forcier, gritty Night Zoo directed by Jean Claude Lauzon and riotous Perfectly Normal by Yves Simoneau. Black Robe, directed by Australian Bruce Beresford, tells a story set in 17th century Quebec.

Norman Jewison, the director of Moonstruck, could be considered the father of English-language Canadian film directors. Among established English directors is David Cronenberg, known for The Fly, Dead Ringers and Naked Lunch. Another is Atom Egoyan with a series of off-beat, challenging films including the highly-praised Exotica and Sweet Hereafter. Bruce Macdonald has done Highway 61 and Road Kill, two rock ‘n’ roll movies and Dance Me Outside about contemporary-Native Indian life. Ron Mann makes full length entertaining documentaries such as Comic Book Confidential and Twist.

I’ve heard the Mermaids Singing by Patricia Rozema is a comedy drama. Margaret; Museum by Mort Ransen takes place in Nova Scotia and won a handful of awards. The Arrow by Don McBreaty was a 1997 film based on the fascinating Avro Arrow fighter plane with some documentary footage. James Cameron, the director of Titanic is Canadian. Lesser known films and their makers can be seen at the major annual film festivals in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Better video stores have a Canadian section.

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