Canada Visa and Immigration to boost economic ties with India

Most Recent Canadian Immigration Figures from The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD):

This valued report comprises of supplementary reports on 34 nations that are a part of the OECD for visa and immigration purposes.  According to the report, Canada has endured to enthusiastically accept more & more immigrants than most of the other countries that are the members of the OECD. Canada is maintaining the 6th position in OECD.  Conferring the latest research study report, on an average Canada welcomes 7.5 immigrants per 1000 people per annul.  This figure is actually twice the current rate of the US. In the current situation most of the Canada’s population growth has been reduced.

This report comprises figures associated with 2011. In 2011, new permanent residents visa holders permitted in Canada were 2, 49,000. Among these 62.8% were permitted under the economic migrant stream. This stream comprises only those migrants who are effectively permitted to Canada for the work purpose along with their family members. In addition, only 22.7% of new permanent residents were permitted to Canada. In the previous year, it is observed that immigration fell by 11% globally.

The OECD in its valued report productively crushes the figures in a diverse manner, allowing the family members of the workers with the status of family immigrants. Consequently, the OECD figures specify that 25.9% of new permanent residents are under the “work” classification in 2011. This connects and displays authorization to the US figure of 6.1%.  It is to be recollected that a number of new Canadians are from Asian Continent. The 3 main countries of source for new economic permanent residents were Asian countries such as India, China & Philippines with 10%, 12% & 14% respectively.

In 2011, Canada also positively permitted approx. 1, 91,000 temporary workers.  This figure is actually 6.4% more than the originated figure in 2010. In addition, Canada has issued 1, 00,000 student visas. Actually, this figure is 3.3% more than the last year. In the same year we witnessed approximately 36,000 migrants in Canada. Economic immigration categories were reformed in 2012.
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