Canada Visa and immigration policies differ for different countries

While Canada acting tough on terrorists it comes heavily on the Palestinian refugees those who involved and have a record in terrorism related activities. Canada visa and immigration policies are going to be changed in a large scale in the coming year 2014. The visa and immigration minister Chris Alexander said in a interview that the Canada after a decade going to reform its visa and immigration policies in a big way.

Those who involved in terrorism activities will be stripped off their citizenship. He says that Ontario’s visa and immigration policies are not just right and there should be some major changes have to be made.

Applicants for the permanent citizenship have to wait for a long time than now. The process to give a citizenship will get a faster turnaround time after the reforms. But still the government will have to decide on the vehicle to implement the process.

Student visas and the visas for skilled workers may not get much changes as the country needs more skilled workers than the previous year. Universities also press the Canada government for more relaxations in the student visa and admission procedures in the coming reforms in 2014.

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