Canada travel tips for visa holders 1

Visa requirements

Canada issues many types of visas for the travellers and the people those who want to work in Canada and settle there. The Tourist visa, PR visa, Work permit and family visa as well as student visa, are issued by the government of Canada for the qualified people.

Travel tips

The services provided include 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, trip planning and advice, and it can supply traveller’s cheques. If you have a decent car the association’s help may not be necessary, but if you have bought an older car to tour the country the fee may well be invaluable, and after one or two breakdowns will have paid for itself as towing charges are high. For information contact the central Ontario office (n 1-800-268-3750), 60 Commerce Valley Drive E, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada UT 7P9. Each province has its own regional office and branches can be found in most major cities and towns.

An annual membership costs $85. Gasoline J Gasoline (petrol) or simply gas (gaz in Quebec), varies in price across the country with the highest prices in the far north and. on the east coast. In the east, the prices are highest in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador. Drivers approaching Quebec from Ontario should top up the tank before the border. Those arriving from the USA should always have a full tank as the low US prices will never be seen in Canada.

Alberta’s prices, with less tax, are fairly low, so it’s a good idea to fill up there before hitting British Columbia. In general, the big cities have the best prices so fill up in town. The more remote a place, the higher the price is. Major highway service stations offer no bargains and often jack up the price on long weekends and at holiday time in order to fleece captive victims. Gasoline is always sold by the liter. On average a liter of gasoline costs about 60 cents, or about $2.70 per imperial gallon. The Canadian (imperial) gallon is one-fifth larger than the US gallon. Credit cards are accepted at service stations, many of which are now self-service and will not accept large bills at night.

The large cities have some service stations that are open 24 hours, but you may have to search around. On the highways, truck stops stay open the longest hours and some have showered you can use. BICYCLE most people can’t really consider traversing vast regions, so it’s best to concentrate on one area. Some of the most popular are around the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec and all around the Atlantic Provinces, excluding Newfoundland. The Gaspe Peninsula is very hilly, Prince Edward Island is flat, and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia offer a fair bit of variety and are relatively small, with towns close together. You get a good mix of country and city.

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