Canada Travel and Insurance for visa holders

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Visas are required to tour and travel any country and if you want to settle down there, it needs a PR visa or an employment visa or work permit to reach there.

Insurance costs vary widely and can change dramatically from province’ to province. As a rule, the rates for women are noticeably less than for a man of comparable age and driving record. If you’re planning a side trip to the USA, make sure the insurance you negotiate is valid over the border, too. Also remember that rates are linked to the age and type of car. A newer car may cost more to insure but may also be easier to sell. Drive-Away One of the best driving deals is the uniquely North American Drive-Away system. The basic concept is that you drive someone’s car for them to a specific destination.

Usually the car belongs to someone who has been transferred for work and has had to fly, or doesn’t have the time, patience or ability to drive a long distance. Arrangements are made through a Drive- Away agency in the major cities. After the agency matches you up with a suitable car, you put down a deposit of $300 to $500 and are given a certain number of days to deliver the car. If you don’t Getting Around – Car 109 show up with the car in the allotted time, the police are notified. Most outlets suggest a route to take and may give you a very rough kilometer guideline. You are not paid to deliver the car (but may be if you really hit the jackpot and someone’s in a rush) and generally you pay for gasoline, although sometimes a portion or all of the gasoline costs are paid by the owner. With two or more people, this can be an especially great deal. The company will want to know who will be driving. You’ll require good identification, the deposit and a couple of photos.

Look for Drive- Away companies under transportation or business personal ads in the newspaper classifieds or in the Yellow Pages under Drive- Away Automobiles. Some trips can take you across the border – from Montreal to Florida is a common route. About eight days is normal for a trip from the east to west coast. Try to get a smaller, newer car. They’re less comfortable but cheaper on gasoline. In summer when demand is highest, cars may be more difficult to obtain and you could be asked for a nonrefundable administrative payment, perhaps $100. One thing to ask about is what happens if the car breaks down.

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