Canada Tourist Visa – Eligibility Conditions for a Travel visa or Temporary Resident Visa

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa

The Canada tourist visa applicants should show the sufficient funds as per the Canadian living standards and the prices for themselves and for their family members and dependents those who are all traveling with the applicant. The applicant or their accompanied people should not seek any employment or undertake job in the country during the stay.

The applicant and the people along with him or her should not have any criminal cases pending on them in their home country and they should abide by the rules and regulations and the laws of Canada during the stay. Applicant must undergo a medical examination and show the report whenever required.  Applicants those who intend to stay with their relatives should show the invitation letter from the relatives and they have to be the citizens of Canada or permanent residents of Canada. Applicants of certain countries must possess a temporary resident visa. Checkout, that in which category you are falling under the visa requirements with Global Gateways in Bangalore.

There are four visit visa categories that allow the applicants enter into the country.

  1. Single entry visit visas

This allows the applicant to stay once for a period of maximum six months, any have the applicant may apply for an extension before the date of expiry of the visa. The extension period should be for a minimum of 30 days after the original visa period.

  1. Multiple entry visitor visas

For a certain period of time the applicant can travel to and from Canada many times, but the applicant should specify the length of the time for each visit during the total period of time permitted. Granting the permission is the discretion of the case officer.

  1. Transit Visa

The transit visa allows the traveler to enter the country and while traveling via Canada and the duration of the stay cannot be more than 48 hours. That is within 48 hours he should leave the country and should show the documents or tickets for a journey to the destination country.

  1. Business Visitor Visa

This is like tourist visa; the applicant can stay for a six months period and can apply for an extension of 30 days before the expiry of the original visa.

Basic features of the tourist visa

The tourist or travel visa holders can meet the relatives and friends in the country during the permitted period. The applicants also can meet the prospective employers for an employment opportunity, but should not undertake any job even that is for a short period and or paid or unpaid. Short-term studies also can be carried out within the six months period of time.

Spouse and children over the age of 18 years need to apply for a separate travel visa individually.

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