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The prospective applicants when planning to fly to Canada on a visit visa must take into consideration the following factors like Downloading the required forms and checklist from the VFS Canada website. In comparison to most of the other countries visa applications, the forms required in order to apply for a tourist visa for Canada will be relatively less in number. The Visa fees charged by the Canadian High commission  is  around Rs 4,000 for one  single  applicant at the  single entry level   and for a multiple entry visa they would be charging Rs 8,000.

The  Canada visa applicant should fill the online visa application form  while they are  still connected to the Internet. The applicant should have the latest version of adobe reader (11.0) in order to view and fill the form online. The signature in the form cannot be done electronically so the visa applicant should first fill the form validate it (barcode would be generated) and take a printout of the visa application form and sign it. If the applicant wants to make any changes to the application form he can do it and save the changes before printing the application form .Two copies of the bar code page should be printed and the applicant should write the date and sign on the application forms.

All the desired travelers should have a passport which is valid for at least 3 months from the time of your departure from Canada. It is highly recommended that the applicant before applying for any kind of visa should have passport validity for at least 6 months.

Temporary Resident visa

The Temporary Resident Visa is a document which is issued by the visa officer of Canada Immigration, which clearly shows that the holder has met and satisfied the visa requirements of this particular visa category. There are two types of category which is single entry permit and the other one is multiple entry permits.

As a basic rule, tourists with TRV Visa are allowed to stay in Canada a period of six months. Temporary overseas workers and overseas students are allowed to stay for a period required to complete the course which they have opted for. Extensions of the visa can be applied while the applicants are there in Canada as well.

An important point to take into consideration is that when the Canada visa applicant desires apply for a temporary resident visa will enable him to enter the port of Canada mean that the Citizenship and Immigration Officer at the Canadian Port of Entry will allow the visitor visa holder into Canada. In the airport all the visitors entering Canada should explain their purpose of visiting. There are chances where Officers at the port of entry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada at the Port of Entry will deny admission to all persons who do not satisfy them with their intention of returning to their home country before their visa expires.

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