Canada Tourist Visa Documents required with Visa Application

Requirement to get a Canadian Tourist Visa

It is easy to travel on Canadian tourist visa. An individual traveler, visits on tourist visa has no restriction inside the country. Making easier your visit to Canada it is very important to know the requirements to get tourist visa.

Eligibility Criteria: Individual visiting Canada should have valid passport with minimum six months remaining before expiry. You need to prove that the visit to Canada is affordable for you, need to plan to return back to your country after your joyful stay and should be in good health. Occasionally they will ask doctor’s certificate, some sort of employment verification and a letter from a family member or friend, already a citizen of Canada.

Applying for Visa: for everybody it’s not necessary to have visa to travel Canada, need to crosscheck the citizenship and immigration website to determine if you need the same or not. If you require a visa, the website will be providing you with the form and instructions need to start application process. Be thorough with instruction given in the website so that will also help you in determining your eligibility.

Documentations: Along with your passport you need to submit two latest photographs of two by two inches. They will also ask for invitation letter. The initial application is included in the visa packet. You should fill this form before you visit your embassy.

Denial or rejections: Criminal activities like assault, manslaughter, theft and driving while intoxicated can increase the chances of denial of your visa request .If you are sick or suffering from contagious disease they can deny your entry. Canadian Immigration officials always suggest checking their website for information about denial entry into their country.

Fees: Application fees will not be refunded by any reason. You should do the payment while submitting application form. Every country has different methods of payment. Individual should check the information with local embassy.

Exemptions: Person having enhanced passport need not to have visa to visit Canada. Before applying for Canadian Tourist visa please be thorough with other exemptions if mentioned.

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