Canada Quebec Immigration – Skilled Worker Visa Program

Canada Quebec Immigration – Skilled Worker Visa Program

Canada Quebec Immigration

Canada Quebec Immigration

Quebec Immigration skilled worker program is similar to the Canada skilled worker, but the program itself is a unique one. Qualification criteria are set by the Quebec authorities and the points to be awarded for the qualification are also different from the Canadian Federal skilled worker program.

To qualify for the Quebec qualification certificate an individual applicant has to score at least 49 points. If the applicant is accompanied with the spouse or a legal partner he/she must score at least 57 points under the Quebec skilled worker program. The selection procedure is based on the following factors’

You will be awarded a maximum of 12 points for your education and the cut off points for the education is 2 points. Area of training will be awarded up to 16 points and the cut off points for the area of training is also 2 points. If you have a validated employment offer, you will be awarded a maximum of 10 points under the program. If the applicant has a relevant work experience, he/she will get up to 8 points to his/her credit to qualify under the program.

Age criteria can get a maximum 16 points and the language proficiency will be awarded 22 points/maximum. A stay and family in Quebec will fetch 8 points and the applicant’s spouse will get 16 points a maximum for his/her characteristics. Children category will get 8 points and the financial sufficiency will get 1 point and it is a must.

IELTS and French language tests are also to be conducted and the marks on the tests also will be considered in the selection process. French language skills are considered more while choosing the candidates for the immigration under the program.

Adaptability category gets an additional 6 points. With the additional 6 points the Individual candidate has to score 55 points and if accompanied with spouse, the candidate should score at least 63 points to his/her credit. Medical and security examinations will be conducted by the Canadian government agencies and the candidates must pass the examinations to get a permanent resident visa to work and live in QuebecCanada.

Quebec skilled worker program is a unique one and the qualification criteria and the method of evaluation are different from the Canadian Federal skilled worker program. Quebec skilled worker migration program application processing time may vary depending upon the office rules and regulations of the visa where it is processed in Quebec.

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