Canada Quebec Immigration programs – a unique processing procedures and USA study program

Quebec has established its own immigration program and also has got different method and criteria of assessment for selected skilled workers than the rest of the other country.

Selected skilled worker program is designed in such a way where he can attract skilled immigrants who wish to work and live in that province.

Another classification of Canada PR visa is family immigration for Canada or family visa by a sponsor in Canada.

The applicants who are long term residents or Canadian nationals can sponsor their husband/wife, common law companion, conjugal companion, dependent child or various other entitled relatives to become a Canadian long term resident.

The family members who are being sponsored under the family visa group need not undertake a point based analysis.

To be called as sponsor the Canadian homeowners or locals should be over the age of 18 years.

The sponsor should be staying in Canada and must be willing to support their family members or partner for the duration of 3 to 10 years.

Applicant’s family members who are entering into Canada can function without any type of difficulty and even can get into language training program which will help them finding an employment.

If the applicant is a permanent resident of Canada then his family or relatives will get the accessibility for government moneyed healthcare, education and learning which also includes social care perks such as seniority protection, Canada person benefit and assured earnings supplement.

USA-Work study program

The USA work study program will permit international students to work off campus with the American companies even when they are pursuing their master’s degree from an authorized US university.

The work study program is a combination of work and study which is especially suitable for the adult students. The international graduate students are allowed to work on internship basis.

The students can work for more than 40 hours in a week for any number of months depending upon the duration of the course he has chosen. The student has to maintain their visa by completing minimum of 15 hours of classroom studies per week from the universities for which they are enrolled.

The career service department from the university will assist the students in finding job. This program is specially granted by the US immigration regulation.

The schools with this type of facilities are authorized to issue work permits or full time off campus employment opportunity from the beginning of graduate studies.

Students can get syllabus related employment in any of the US based local corporations. Those students who opt for such kind of programs paid internship employment is compulsory. This opportunity begins in the first semester of the first academic year of the study program.

Students along with the mandatory internship should take 12 to 15 graduate courses depending upon their enrollment in work study program. Most of the students study in weekends or evening so that they can work during the day time with USA local business or corporation.







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