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FIIP and Entrepreneurs visa

For the FIIP program, the visa holder can move and live anywhere in the country and there are no any specific conditions upon the visa holder on living. He can live on his own and spend on the income from the passive investment made. The FIIP visa program is very much suitable for the retirees. The unconditional visa let the investor free of all conditions set on a entrepreneur visa holder. For the Quebec investor program, the visa processing period is only 12-15 months against the 24-34 months under the FIIP program.

The visa holder under the entrepreneur program has to report the progress of the business from time to time to the department. This is as per the terms and conditions of the visa and the Canadian government will be able to monitor the business activities. This is necessary for the visa holder to prove that he is engaging in an active business and managing the same. There is some set of rules and regulations under the qualifying Canadian business and your business progress must meet the requirements. The period of monitoring your business and reporting the same is for 2 years. Before the end of the period, you must prove and make the business progressive one.

Though there is a freedom to select the area of business under the entrepreneur program the visa holder has to do the business in the same province where he is permitted to do the business under the provincial rules and regulations. Exploratory visit is not required under the FIIP program, but this is must and is encouraged.

If the applicant chooses a lawyer to attend the interview, it is allowed under the Quebec investor program. But this is not the case under the entrepreneur program. Canada business programs and the investor options are in a wide range and it is an excellent opportunity to do the business in a safe and secure environment as well as in a developed country. Canada is a fast growing economy and has abundant resources to make your business flourish. Favorable taxations and friendly atmosphere make you’re a very successful one in Canada.

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