Canada PR visa through Express Entry visa program

Canada PR visa through Express Entry visa program

Canada PR visa through Express Entry visa program

Canada PR visa through Express Entry visa program

The new going to be launched Canada Express Entry visa program offers PR visa opportunity to the visa holders. The Express entry applicants have to send their permanent resident visa application within 60 days of the job offer visa issued. The permanent residence visa enable the visa holder to live and work anywhere in the country and will get all the facilities as the Canadian citizen gets.

The wonderful visa program offers unlimited access to the job market of Canada. The applicant has to submit the application irrelevant for what job is offered by the employers of Canada. All expression of interest application with resumes will be reviewed by the authorities and suitable qualified applications will be selected by the authorities and the employers. The chance of reviewing by more number of employers for more number of fields of the job is possible. Hence the chance of getting a job in Canada is more under this program when compared to other regular FSW programs.

There is no cap on receiving the applications to the pool of job offers in various fields. The revolutionary program is inspired by Canada.

Medical health insurance benefits are included with the permanent residence visa permit in the country. With the permanent resident visa, you can take your spouse and dependent children with you to live in the country. Dependent family members are also can get an opportunity to visit and stay with you after the visa holder is made eligible to invite them into the country. The resource rich country’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies among the developed nations. If offers the lifestyle and pay packages as that of its neighbor USA.

Being a Canadian permanent residence visa holder more than 150 countries offer free access to travel and tour.

For more information about the Express entry visa program of Canada and Australia as well as New Zealand, you may please contact Global Gateways. Global Gateways offer a free consultation and free assessment on your resume for the program.

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