USA Dependent Visa requirements


Dependent Visa Requirements for US

The migration count has been increased for work and studies in United States this year the person who arrives in the country on dependent visa, wherein country also offers different categories of visa to various employments and study in the same. The H-4 visa is special prefers for dependent family members which includes the partner and the children, for people working here on H-1 visa. The person has a work permit or else holding H-1 visa is eligible to float the primary application for dependent visa to work and stay in the country.

You should correctly spell ones given name and last name while applying for US dependent visa to stay in the country. You should always provide the name mentioned in the passport, if your maiden name has been changed. Always ensure that your name spelled in the passport is correct without any mistakes. If not than you will be facing many problems while applying for visa. While applying for this visa category makes sure that the name of your spouse is also included in the passport. Whatever changes you wants to do in your name category make sure to do it before applying for this dependent American visa.

You need to fill separate non-immigration visa application or the form DS-160 when you are filling for a dependent visa for your spouse or minor. Ensure to attach the other documents along with the application:

  • Current or latest photograph which US specifies.
  • Visa fee receipt
  • Birth certificate of minor children (below 14 years of age)
  • Marriage certificate and wedding photos (marriage proof)
  • Form l-129
  • H-1 visa holder’s passport copy
  • Employment letter of H-1 visa holder

Even you holding dependent visa than to you are not allowed to work legally in US and won’t be getting social security number too. But you are benefited to enroll in any University or college in US; you can not only get a checking account but also receive a tax ID for Taxation purposes and can easily get a driver’s license. All these points ensure that you can commute and live comfortable life in the country until your spouse is working on H-1 visa. In case if you get chance to work independently on H-1 visa, you can also apply for the changes of status of dependent visa or update the same.

It would be better to consult from a visa advisory service or an immigration attorney as they are not only conversant with the legal requirements and regulations of the state but also the experts in the relevant process. Whenever you needed their help for any paperwork for getting the dependent visa or to update the status from H-4 to H-1.However, before consulting any immigration lawyer, it would be better to ask for references from any of your friends, colleagues and family members and make sure that immigration attorney service is well experienced at the time of having the right credentials.

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