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Hassle Free Immigration Services to Canada

Canada provides immense opportunities for the immigrants and it is one of the most popular countries in India for immigration. This article will provide some details on hassle free immigration to Canada. High Socio-Economic standards, wide employment opportunities, lenient law and order and immense natural beauty are some of the reasons for immigrating to Canada.

The immigration policy of Canada has 2 parts. One is temporary immigration to the country and the other one is permanent immigration. The temporary visa includes visitor visa, student visa and work permit visa. On the other hand there are several sub categories of visa which may lead to permanent visa. These includes refugee visa, immigration visa as a spouse, etc.

Visa Application process

In order to apply for immigration to Canada one has to be sure if he or she is eligible for the same and based on that can fulfill the formalities as per the visa application rules. The initial stage i.e. the preparation of visa application is very critical as the application form is reviewed by Canada Immigration Authority who determines if the candidate is eligible to get the visa or not.

Most of the visa consultancies give wide knowledge on the immigration process and what all documents needs to be prepared in order to get hassle immigration services. These consultancies will assess your profile and will ask to fill an online visa application form and if you meet all the criteria required for Canada permanent visa then they will proceed further with the process.

The immigration authority of Canada send a list of accredited doctors from whom the applicant needs to undergo health check up in order to proof good health. They also make sure the applicant has relevant work exposure. Even the applicants’ qualification is also taken into consideration for permanent visa.

Global gateways Bangalore 

One such consultancy is Global Gateways which is a Immigration, Visa and Overseas Education consultancy which is serving since 20 years to its clients with numerous success stories as in the approach they follow is completely client centered.


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