Canada Permanent Residency Visa Benefits


Candidates who apply for Canada PR are entitled to many benefits such as they have the right to enter and exit Canada and move freely from province to province without any restrictions.

The other Important Benefit is Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) –They are for families with children who are until the age 18 and are considered to be under the a low-income category for which the Government of Canada would be  providing tax-free payments monthly to help cover living expenses.

Security for old aged people, Income Supplement which is Guaranteed, Canadian Plan for Pensioners – All these programs are suitably designed to provide support to workers financially once they reach the age of Retirement – 65 yrs is the current age for retirement. In order to be eligible for these benefits the applicant should be meeting specific requirements for residency and should be contributing to the Canadian system by paying taxes to the Government. Most of the permanent residents under this program would be qualifying for at least partial payments.

Benefits for Universal health care

Most important benefit like medical expenses is covered under the health care program of Canada. The Medical expenses which is covered under this program include immunizations, yearly exams, visits to emergency room, etc.

Benefits of Free Education includes All children under 18 get the benefit of free education in the public school system of Canada.

Benefits of Maternity and parental leave

Includes parents who are working are given time off when a new infant is born or adopted. Women are entitled to take  leave up to 12 months for  maternity purpose and  still receive 50 to 65% of their last drawn income. Leave for a period of 35 weeks are provided as partially paid parental leave. In order to avail this benefit the applicant must have carried out work for 600 hrs in Canada.

All of these reimbursement would be available the applicant when he or she is a permanent resident of Canada.

Additionally when the applicant completes three years of stay and work in Canada it will give them an opportunity to become a citizen of Canada.

After the applicant becomes a citizen of Canada he or she can contest for political office and be actively involved in political activities, and voting rights for elections. The applicant can also have citizenship for two countries, this will not necessarily prompt them to give up citizenship of their home country and still enjoy the benefits of Citizenship of Canada.

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