According to the rules of Canadian Immigration any spouse of the applicant or the common law partner or the foreign students who are wanting to work in Canada should apply under Open Work Permit for Canada.

The applicant who have this Open Work Permit for Canada are allowed to work for any employer in Canada without even having the first offer letter.

According to Canada Immigration rules and regulations, the following type of applicants can apply for Canada Open Work Permit:

1)The spouse of the person who is already in Canada under temporary Residency.

2)The spouse or Common-Law Partners of Foreign students.

3)International Students who are graduated from post Secondary Institutions

For the applicant to be Eligible under an open work permit for Canada, the spouse of the foreign temporary resident should qualify under certain requirements which is applicable for partner of a foreign temporary worker. These includes:-

  • The main applicant who is a Foreign Temporary Resident and should be having a Canadian Employment at a managerial level or a professional job as a technical skilled trade worker in Canada. The foreign workers job must be falling under Level A or Level B which is categorized under National Occupational Classification. This requirement of Skill Level is not applicable for applicants who have entered Canada with Permanent Residency or by Provincial nomination.
  • The principal foreign worker is allowed to work Temporarily in Canada for a  least period of at least  6 months of time.

Open work Permit for Canada is Exempt from Labour Market opinion Requirement from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) .Foreign Temporary works in the province of British Columbia are entitled for a working age of 18-22  are entitled for a working age of 18-22 years and are allowed to apply under open work permit to Canada if the applicant falls under this category.

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