Canada Investor visa Or Business visa

Canada Investor Visa or Business Visa

Canada Investor Visa

Canada Investor Visa

Immigrants those who are capable of doing business in Canada with a minimum required investment as specified will be granted Investor visa by the government of Canada. Experienced people in business are welcomed by the government of Canada to Invest in Canada and support the development and growth prospects of Canada.   The main purpose of this visa issuance is to attract capital from the rest of the world and to fill the shortage in the entrepreneurship capabilities of Canada.

A 5-year lock-in period applies for the investment made in Canada. The provinces will control the investment made and the person invested the money does not need to start a business in the country. Other immigrant conditions are not applicable to the investors at the time of admission into the country. Investments are fully guaranteed by the provinces of Canada and the federal government. Investors must have business experience in the home country and the proof should be submitted in the form of registration of a business entity and the income tax returns and business organizations balance sheet and the role of the applicant in the business.

The investor should have at least $ 1.6 million of net worth and the applicant in the business visa category should pay at least $ 8, 00,000 the funds to the receiver general of Canada. The investor should have at least 2 years of qualified business experience, within the 5 year period before the date of application submitted. The investment will be distributed to the respective provinces for the development of the economy and to create jobs for the citizens of Canada.

Quebec operates a separate investor program and it is in line with the federal investor program guidelines only. The investor can live in Quebec after the investment made.  Under the federal investor program and the Quebec Investor program, the investor will get back the invested money without any interest after 5 years, but within three months after the 5 years period. The selection procedure under the Quebec investor program will be determined by the Quebec authorities only.

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