Canada immigration chances

Canada’s First inhabitants were native Indians. Canada is the Second largest country in the world by total area is also a wealthiest nation in the world. Canada has rich minerals and crude oil deposits in almost all parts of the country. It supplies oil and natural gas to America though The US is the second largest producer of petroleum in the world. The countries minerals and resources need to be used to improve the economy. The country needs skilled workers to use the rich resources. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are thronging to Canada in anticipation to get a better job and enjoy a great lifestyle. Even though, the country still needs people to convert the resources into exports to manage the growth rate of GDP and exports.

Canada is a federation of ten provinces and 3 territories with a parliamentary system of administering the country. Though the Queen Elizabeth II is sovereign head and appoints a representative as Governor General to administer the country, the Governor General acts only on the advice of the Prime Minister on behalf of the rule makers selected in the country. Unlike other federal system, the Canada’s Quebec has its own visa immigration policies and procedures to issue visas in accordance of the rules of the federal government laws.

Quebec rules and regulations are liberal than that of the federal rules and regulations as one can get more chances to get a job than from the federal government. To get a job under the Quebec visa immigration program one has to apply separately to qualify for a job in the region. Canada recently announced a Express entry visa program, which enables the aspirants to apply with their resume and qualifications with an expression of interest. Here the employers have a chance to select the candidate from a pool of jobs applications from the foreign applicants. The unique visa program is going to be launched from 1st of January 2015. Applications will be scrutinized on a first come first serve basis.

Canada’s population concentrated in the south of the country closer to the United States and the northern part of the country has a very less density of population due to the freezing climatic conditions prevailing almost throughout the year. Canada has a scattered border in the east side with Atlantic Ocean covers the most of the small islands and the west side it has Pacific Ocean as the border. The peaceful rich country is a best place to get work and settle as the pay scales are very attractive and equal to that of the United States. The high living standards and friendlier culture attracts most of the abroad job seekers to the country every year. Canada recruits almost 2,50,000 immigrant work force every year to improve their economy in align with the world development.


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